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Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year Everyone!!! Best wishes to everyone!! ....and more and more of Reno/Rufus fics of cause...... 

I notice that there are a lot of Reno/Rufus fanfics came out recently. I'm really happy and hope that it'll keep coming!!!


Umm.... wow... It's been really long time since I last posted anything.

Ok... my excuse is that a lot of things has happened. All this time I have tried to finish my thesis book..... but I still can't finish it..... damn.....

Oh!! and I've got and job!! .....and I've quit it..... because my boss has underestimate me in front of the client which pissed me off  and he also stole my credit in work. Although I don't think he did all of that intentionally or has intention to do harm to me but it still make me angry non the less. So after work with him for 6 months, I quit.

And then I've got a new job again!! Right now I'm an art teacher at the high school that I graduate from. At the same time, I also work as a freelance in illustration and graphic design. So if there is anyone interested in using my service, just sent me a message. (>vO)

Another thing that happen to me and require all of my intention to it is flood.... May be some of you have heard of it? About how Thailand suffered from massive flood? That's the one I'm talking about. Although my place is still dry but it's in the risky area so I have to prepare my place for the flood that might be coming and it's really a big deal, I tell you. I have to set up some kind of wall or barrier to prevent water to get into my house and i also have to lift up every object that can be damaged by water, make sure that they are at least 1 meter above ground. It really makes me exhaust.....

So ... yeah those are my excuses but it's not that I've completely abandon livejournal or stop reading fanfiction. I always find some time to read just hardly write. That means, every fanfiction writers, I'm still waiting for your fanfiction!!

Until next time!!

Happy New Year!!!!!!

Happy New Year everyone!!!! May this year full with happiness (full with Reno/Rufus Fic XP)

In AC, since Rufus have to use wheelchair, I like to imagine that Reno will kneel on the floor and place his head on Rufus' lap. 
Since Rufus was still suffer from the geostigma, I guess many body contact must be limited.
It's a little fluffy and affectionate gesture from Reno. :)

Phoenix Wright Series

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is the game that I'm playing right now (that's right. I'm a master degree student and working on final project)

At first, I'm planing to play Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, the prequel of Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn but I need gamecube controller and memory card to play it but I don't have either of them!! So while I'm searching for a nice and reasonable price one I decided to other game instead (still trying not to think about my final project too much...)

What I learn from playing Phoenix Wright game is .... somehow.... it seems that game these day are full with a guy who EXTREMELY CLOSE with his male friend.....

What happen to game these day...

If anyone play Phoenix Wright you must know who I'm talking about. It's non other than Phoenix Wright and his best friend, Miles Edgeworth.

And when I said EXTREMELY CLOSE I really mean it. I mean, Phoenix Wright decided to become a defense attorney just so he can meet his friend, Miles Edgeworth, again just because Edgeworth wouldn't reply his letter or anything for 15 years. Not to mention that at first, he was studying art in collage.

Again.....What happen to game these day...
Damn... Sometime I really hate the fact that I'm a master degree student. There are SO MANY project to do, SO MANY research for that SO MANY project and SO MANY report to write which I'm not good about it at all.

On the top of everything, there isn't not much for RufusxReno fic which I'm dying to read. I'm still searching through and through the internet but it's just so little of them compare to other pairing!! I'm hopeless.... I'll surely be dead in this mountain of works.

Anyway, because the lacking of fics so I dig my old games up. And one of games that I play is this: Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. It's really a good game. I really love this game developer company. And there are characters that wake the fangirl in me. That characters is Ike and Soren. Which I believe many people will think the same if you see this sentences the ending of the game.

"Though his tactical genius was unmatched, Soren never used his talents for anyone but Ike.

(and if you have A support for them)

When peace had settled on the land, Soren packed lightly and set off with the only person he had ever trusted. (which is Ike if some people don't know)"

Oh my..... they are surely close friend (think positively). But since there aren't many people who write fic about this game as well, I guess it won't last long for me. Well, I'll just get whatever I find.

Actually there are many characters that capable of waking fangirl in me especially those that you choose them to work together. For example Leonardo and Edward.

Leonardo: Edward, please never leave me. If that happened, I'm not sure I would want to go on living.....
Edward: Absolutely! Let's stay together - - Forever and ever. I'm so in!

But let's say that Ike and Soren are what I like most.

P.S. I still waiting RufusxReno fic from my dear authors!!

Ranting: Square Enix

Last week, there is a huge family issue happened that left me a completely sorrowful feeling in my heart.... Oh well... what past is past. No use crying over it. All I can do is move on.

Another thing that was kind of problematic is that because of the issue, I was REALLY busy that I didn't have any time to read any fiction!! And it's stressful, you know, facing the big issue without any way to escape it. After I have some times to spare, I decided to read something that I may stop if the need arise. I read about the final fantasy music composer "Nobuo Uematsu". Actually, I already have read about him but it was long ago and I kinda forgot....and I really love his music!!

According to wikipedia, he is a self-taught musician.....he began to play the piano when he was eleven or twelve years old; he did not take any formal piano lessons except the peiano from his sister......


wow... I'm shocked..... no wonder I really like him in the past

Q.Why Reno/Rufus? A.Cuz of Case of Shinra

Yesterday, I just ranting with my friend about how I'm crazy about Reno/Rufus right now and she's kind of not really understand why I paired Reno with Rufus. Because people mostly paired Reno with Rude or Cloud or even Yazoo (which I seriously didn't see how they can be together. I mean, all they even did together was fighting!! No offense, Reno/Yazoo fans.)

My really first reason for not pairing Reno with Rude is because I seriously don't want to imagine Rude as a gay especially in sex screen...... No offense, again, to Reno/Rude fans.......

With Cloud.... Naaahhh..... I prefer Cloud paired with Zack. They are the cutest together and, admit people, Zack is the most perfect person for Cloud. Who will be the better person to make the shy and pessimistic teenager-Cloud to open up and have courage to live his life than Zack Fair and he already prove that he is capable.

With Tseng..... well.... Elena had eyes on Tseng since the beginning of the game till the end of Advent Children and I think that she will continue on that so I don't want to separate Tseng from her (even in my own head.... I know I'm crazy) I've already feel sorry for her unrequited love through the ff7 story.

Tell you the truth, I didn't read much fic about Reno with anybody and then I've read this fic "TEASE" by Sonya at FF.net and there's some part with Reno/Rufus and my first impression is "......oh my.......they're HOT......" Thus, I start to read Reno/Rufus fic. That's why I become a fan of Reno/Rufus when a long time has already passed. (Good Lord, there are still authors write fic about them.)

What make me totally crazy about Reno/Rufus is the novel "Case of Shinra" from "On the way to smile". There are many, MANY screen that show the relationship between Reno and Rufus. I try to calm myself by keep thinking that may be the novelist, Kazushige Nojima, likes this Reno character that's why he appeared in many screens and since this Case of Shinra is about Rufus so it's naturally that it will show a lot of relationship between Reno and Rufus until I reach this conversation between Reno and Rude.........

"Hey Rude," Reno called to him, looking unusually troubled. "Why is the Boss being so kind to that Kilmister?"

"He's waiting for the results of his research. That's what I think."

"What research? If he's just going to waste money to kill a little pain then even I can do it," Reno grunted."

".............................what Reno..............are you jealous?..............." was my impression. 

From then, I'm head over heels with Reno/Rufus with unusual pleasure to see Reno in jealousy. \(^o^)/

I already had Lj account for a while but I'm just searching through Lj just recently.

I decided to post something so people who I add friend with won't have an expression like .....

"....... O.O ......who the hell is it....?....Another....creepy.......internet dweller...?"

or something along that lines....

Anyway, I love reading but not writing so that's why I use Lj as a place to collect fan fiction that I love and.... I doubt I'll post a lot because I'm not fond of writing but I'll try to comment every fan fictions to encourage authors to write more.

By the way, I'm yaoi fangirl and this Lj account is for that purpose ;D

What else..... hmmmm........ I don't remember.... Oh well, when I remember I'll post more.

Next Time!!

P.S. English isn't my native language so don't expect perfect English from me.