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funin's Journal

Hopelessly Insane
8 March 1987
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Hi there!! I'm just another yaoi fangirl whom video game is my life and reading as my hobby (^v^)

My journal is purely for collecting fanfictions and keeping track of authors that are my favorite. Posting... won't have much since I'm lazy and I'm not really into writing.

I always find that drawing is a lot more easy than writing. Guess that's why I choose art as my major at the university. I'm study about computer graphic both digital painting and 3D animation.

Yaoi pairings that I'm mostly crazy are characters that have possibility to become an item and if I decided that I like this character to be pairing with that character then I won't read fanfictions about the character from my favorite pairing with other characters.

Confuse? ....yeah I thought so too.... So here is example:
One of pairing that I'm crazy about is RenoRufus (or RufusReno which ever is fine with me)
That's mean I mostly won't read story about TsengRufus or CloudReno, or something like that.

It'll be ok if it's for a kinky theme or for the sake of dramatically of the story that finally lead to my favorite pairing, although I prefer the character to be faithful to each

Threesome, foursome, whatever-some is fine with me, if I'm in the mood to read.

Picky? That's definitely me.

My favorite pairing:


Kingdom Hearts
-Riku/Axel (my special case)

Tale of Abyss

Yu Yu Hakusho
-Yusuke/Kurama (I feel bored with Kurama/Hiei, beside, it's always confusing who is seme or uke... no offense Kurama/Hiei fans)

Tsubasa Chronicle
-Fai/Kuronage (How can I forgot them!! Their image is my icon!!)

Harry Potter
-Remus/Sirius (Just start recently and it's all bone_fauna fault.)

Fire Emblem

Anyway, for now, My most crazy one is ..... Rufus/Reno!!!!!